Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Congressional Forum, "Top 7"

Ted Lieu, Kristie Holmes and Marianne Williamson

Last night's Top 7 Candidate Forum focused on many issues- but my focus was on the money in politics, regardless of where it comes from. The amount of money fed into the mailers and television time disrupt the balance for voters. Those who can spend more can drown out the voices of those who can't. I hope to see more voters show up in the primary and take a look at all candidates. As fellow candidate Barbara Mulvaney stated last night, "Check their price tags." In 2014, most of us have access to a lot of information about each candidate online. And it's likely you will be taking that tool with you into the voting booth.

Money campaigns rely on the fact that you are more likely to vote on name recognition alone.  This should make you pause before you click on a candidates name.  Do you really want to vote for someone based on the fact that you saw their name stapled on a light pole every day on your way to work?

 *Thank you to the Americans for Democratic Action and Venice Action Alliance for basing candidate choices on metrics outside of fundraising.*

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