Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why doesn't one of us run for Congress? It may be another 40 Years!

My adventure is only weeks old. While wandering around in "the District" over the past couple of days gathering signatures, residents and new friends asked me to blog about my experiences so far as they have not only been humorous, but head scratching... and at times, alarming.
I can't be frustrated with others for not caring a whit about politics. The stats create their own story with approval ratings and perceptions of corruption or a rigged system of elections.
I've been teaching in front of a classroom for a while now, and have realized that the best way to engage anyone on the issue is to have a story to tell. I plan to tell my story in an unfiltered way as well as on the move so I welcome typo alerts or corrections if I get something wrong. If I haven't named you and would like me to state your name, let me know. I don't want to imply that anyone endorses me when they really don't. I also apologize if I offend anyone by simply not getting "how it works". This blog is from my own (outside) view and likely in constant flux.

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